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Special events and weddings are memorable and should go off without a hitch. Regardless of whether or not these events occur flawlessly, the events are wrought with risks. These risks can result in significant financial losses if the risks are un-mitigated, and at Bluebonnet Insurance Center (BBIC) we have a comprehensive wedding and special event program that keeps event hosts, investors, and managers secure for the right price. We tailor the policies that we write through this program to the needs of individual clients and ensure that these policies have the greatest value. 

Special events insurance is a little different than most other types of insurance as special event policies are short-term and most policies are long-term. We’ll help you know and understand all of the details of your special events policy and ensure that the parameters of this policy are exactly what you need them to be.

Specialized Coverages for your Events and Needs

Special event insurance is a form of specialty liability insurance and it covers occasions that involve up to 12,000 people. These occasions must occur in consecutive days (a maximum of 10 days), must be held at single locations, and must be held at locations that are not owned by insured individuals or businesses. 

Coverages for special events policies often include operations, premises, products and completed operations, advertising, and personal injury. These and other coverages are general and apply to almost any event. Other coverages that are also parts of most special event policies are narrow and are specific to individual events. At Bluebonnet Insurance Center we will help you find the right mix of coverages for your event and will ensure that you are completely protected.

Wedding Insurance

A wedding insurance plan covers general liability and host liquor liability exposures for one-day weddings with up to 500 attendees and includes coverage for damage to brides’ and grooms’ attire as well as lost deposits. It covers theft of or damage to gifts, honeymoon cancellations, and professional counseling if event cancellations cause severe emotional distress.  Caterers or professional bartenders who serve alcohol must be covered. Up to three additional insureds can be included in a plan for no additional charge.

Most event sites have their own liability insurance, but if an event is held at someone’s home, the homeowner may consider purchasing liability insurance that extends beyond the homeowner’s home insurance policy.

Large Events

Events that have a high number of attendees and last for more than one day are generally considered large events.  A policy that insures this type of event can cover community events and special-occasion celebrations, as well as a host of other events. A large-event policy covers general and liquor liability, volunteers, and temporary or leased workers. A large-event policy can be annual, and a property owner can be included in this type of policy as an additional insured for no extra charge. 

One-day Events

Events that last only one day and that each have a single host are often called ‘one-day events.’ One-day event policies cover host liquor liability exposures when purchased with general liability, allow up to 500 attendees, and offer full separate limits for liquor liability and general liability. A property owner can be included as an additional insured for no extra charge in this type of policy. 

Golf Tournaments

A golf tournament policy covers prizes, competitive play, and all other elements related to tournaments. This type of policy also offers unlimited prize restoration for hole-in-one contests for up to $50,000 per hole. If a hole-in-one is made, an additional 20% of the prize value for the shot will be paid to the hosting charity. Also, additional insureds can be included at no charge and ladies can shoot from regular ladies’ tee boxes. 

Insuring your Event with Bluebonnet Insurance Center

As the host or manager of an event or as an investor in an event, you have a lot to do. Your duties require that you have an insurance plan in which you have total confidence. This requires an agent in whom you have total confidence, and at Bluebonnet Insurance Center we make sure that every detail of your event is protected and that you have continuous support. 

You have the financial security of A-rated carriers and the best deals. We help you select coverages that provide total protection and we identify and help you take advantage of the best ways to save time and money. We also manage claims, and this ensures that you achieve suitable resolutions.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us or give us a call.  You can also request a quote to start on a policy.

Bluebonnet Insurance Center is proud to provide special event and wedding insurance in San Antonio, Universal City, Selma, Schertz City, Floresville, and Boerne, TX. We serve other areas in the state and we serve Alabama, Mississippi, and New Mexico.

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